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 Current legislation and recommended Good Governance provide the committee with a work load that can not be sustained. There are a number of jobs that need to be done that the committee would like some help with. If you are out of work the experience gained would sit well on your CV and there is flexibility for going to job interviews and leaving early to take up a job. Please do talk to us.

There are jobs that do not require that they be done by a trustees which can be done by a volunteer ex-committee, where the only meetings requirement is occasionally (about three monthly) attend a meeting to discuss what is to being done, what is to be done, and to report on progress and the finished job.

The Trustees are willing to support training with whatever voluntary sector providers are available at the time, such as the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council and Gloucestershire Association of voluntary and Community Agencies, who run various courses to help with the running of Village Halls. The trustees are happy to modify the aims or procedures of a task to benefit a volunteers CV where this is possible.

The trustees are currently aiming to achieve the Village Hallís Hallmark scheme Level 3 accreditation. Which will require a number of the policy tasks listed to be completed. Some of the jobs require intellectual or work expertise or experience and other are mind numbingly boring, but none the less have to be done, and they all end up giving a sense of achievement when done.

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If you are interested please contact the chair of trustees on admin


To draft a Risk Assessment (Two weeks work); To assess the risks of the building and surroundings and their use by hirers, and to mitigate those risks where sensible and identify and control those that are not preventable. Back to the Top


To review our Fire Risk Assessment (One weeks work); The task is to assess the current assessment document and analyse the risks for likelihood and consequence, and propose mitigation where reasonable and update the assessment to include the new extension. Back to the Top


To review the calculation of the capacity of the building with its new rooms and new escape routes (A mornings work); The task is to understand the method of calculation (provided by the authorities) the current mode of operation, and have the calculation approved by the authorities. Back to the Top


To draft a Health and Safety Policy (Two weeks work); To assess the health and safety risks of the building and surroundings, the materials and chemicals used in the building, including cleaning materials, and their use by hirers, and to mitigate those risks where sensible and identify and control those that are not preventable. This should include materials covered by COSH regulations. Back to the Top


To review our Hiring Policy (One weeks work); The Village Hall exists to provide a facility to the village and to do this needs an income to maintain the decoration and structure of the building and hire staff to care for the building. The hire charges need to cover these costs but also need to be affordable by villagers and inline with alternative facilities in near by villages. The task is to assess the and describe the facilities offered and to assess and classify the types of hirer, to establish local charging levels in other halls, and propose a charging structure for the Tithe Barn that should not be too complicated, and should be flexible enough to accommodate different types of hirer (ie local, charitable, regular, commercial, etc). Back to the Top


To draft a Security Policy (One weeks work); The task is to review the security of the building addressing the need to allow free access for users and villagers and to prevent access by those intent on vandalism and doing damage.Back to the Top


To review compliance with Equal Opportunities Legislation (One weeks work); The task is to draft an equal opportunities policy for the trustees. Back to the Top


To review the good governance documentation available to the Trustees, advise them on the need for compliance with various laws, the need to development new policies; and modify this list accordingly. Back to the Top


To review our current insurance cover (Two weeks work); To review our current cover, our insurance needs (including but not limited to building, contents, employment, trustee indemnity). To review options for change including a number of Village Hall and Third Sector Specific providers and recommend to the Trustees a way forward. Back to the Top


To review compliance with Charity Law (One weeks work); The task is to ensure that the trustees comply with all the necessary charity legislation and advise where changes to the processes and procedures used by the committee should be changed. Back to the Top


To draft a Management Plan, Business Plan and Budget (Three weeks work). The task is to draft template documents for a Village Hall. Back to the Top


To undertake a full inventory (One Weeks work); The task is to catalogue all the  equipment in the Tithe Barn for contents insurance purposes, and to assess each items quality and state, the cost of replacement. Back to the Top


To draft a maintenance manual for all the systems and functions of the Tithe Barn (Two weeks work); The task is to put together a manual of instructions and maintenance information for all the equipment and systems at the Tithe Barn to provide a ready reference for anyone who needs it, collecting together all the hand books for the installed equipment into one place and annotating them. Back to the Top


Following the archive of historic documents there is a need to redesign the office for modern simplified use to support our current processes and procedures (Two weeks work): To including questioning those processes and procedures to simplify them to the minimum required for good governance, and the re-ordering of the filing system for the minimum of documents required for proper running of the Barn in an easily accessible filing system. Back to the Top


To archive historic documents etc. (Two weeks work); Over the years a large number of documents have been collected. The task is to ascertain what document are required to be stored for Charity law, Tax law or other reasons and remove those that have no historic interest. The remaining documents to be filed in archive filing with annotation for easy reference. Back to the Top


To help with the design of the grounds that set off the grade II listed building. Including details of bed and lawn shapes, planting, flood lighting, tress etc. The Barn's grounds have not been seriously re designed since they were built and modified as 'things happened', we want to show off the beautiful building and make it a more pleasant place to be and to soften the impact of the new extension.  Back to the Top


To draft proposals and plans for submission to grant making bodies (Two weeks work) The next project is the replacement of the Main Hall dormer windows. There are a number of documents that need to be prepared for any bid for funds. The task is to find out which are the common documents (policies, business plan, community support, demographics etc) collecting them together and to draft them where they do not exist yet. Back to the Top


The Bishop's Cleeve Village Hall trust are in need to residents of Bishop's Cleeve to join the Volunteer Management Committee to help run and care for the Tithe Barn. The committee meet monthly at the Tithe Barn on the second Monday of the month in the new Committee Room. The Tithe Barn is an important part of the villages built heritage and we are privileged to be able to use it as a village hall. Back to the Top

[1] The estimated times shown do not include background reading or training in the subject area, but do include an estimate of research and data gathering.

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